Directions to Dry Cove Cottage's
Photo of Deer Isle Causeway
* Take Interstate 95 north past Boston and Portland

* Turn off I-95 in Augusta, ME and take State Highway 3 to Belfast  where State Highway 3 joins US highway.

* Continue on US Highway 1 to Bucksport and cross bridge into Bucksport

* After you cross bridge into Bucksport, turn RIGHT to stay on US Highway 1

* Continue on Highway 1 for a few miles past Bucksport

* Turn RIGHT onto 15 Heading towards Acadia

*Stay on Hwy 15 all the way to Deer Isle.  (Follow the signs) Along the way you will go through the middle of Blue Hill

*When you arrive at the Deer Isle Bridge, go straight across the  bridge stay on Hwy 15

*Continue past Little Deer Isle and across a causeway to Deer Isle (you are still on 15)

*Continue straight pasting the village of Deer Isle, staying on route 15

* You'll come to Tom's nursery (on the right),  The Next dirt  driveway you come to is
(SPOFFORD DR.) make a right. Make
that right and continue down the dirt road.  Just past the pond, you will make a right to bring you to cottage #1.  Continue
straight to go to cottage #2.
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