Dry Cove Cottage's beautiful kitchen is fully equipped for your cooking need.  We have fully furnished the kitchen
with brand new appliances including: Stove, Refrigerator, Microwave, Coffee maker & Grinder, Toaster, Block of
great knives, All Dishes and Silverware, wine & champaign glasses, new pots & Pans, Mixing bowls, and much
more, We've also included everything you will need to prepare, cook and eat lobster (except the lobster of
coarse), Including Cooking books for Maine's famous seafood.  Also cooking books for other Maine favorites
including blueberries.
The kitchen's well design makes cooking enjoyable and easy.   We have toped the kitchen off with beautiful Wood
floors, a big bar top and very wide, comfortable bar stools
*  Microwave

*  Stove

*  Refrigerator

*  Coffee maker & Grinder

*  Toaster

*  Block of great knives

*  Dishes

*  Silverware
The living room has a large comfortable couch, two very
 comfortable recliners.  There is a T.V. With local
channels, a D.V.D and V.C.R. Player, and a telephone
with local calling.  For long distant calling,
provide a calling card.
Our Cottage is              Pet Friendly!
DryCoveCottages@aol.com  Phone: 207-348-2277 Fax:  207-433-1000
*  Wine & Champaign glasses

*  Pots & Pans

*  Cookie sheets

*  Mixing bowls

*  Cooking books

*  Everything you need to cook and       
    eat lobster (except the lobster)

*  All mixing spoons, spatulas,                
    rolling  pins, mixers, can opener,       
    ect.  that you will need for your stay
Dry Cove Cottage's
Kitchen and Living Rooms