Lease Agreement

LESSOR: Rhonda
   27 Spofford Drive
   Deer Isle, ME 04627
   (207) 322-7115



PROPERTY ADDRESS:                                                                            349 South Deer Isle Rd
                                                                                                     Deer Isle, ME 04627
                                                                                                     Detailed driving instructions are provided on our direction's page

CHECK IN TIME- AFTER 4pm on the first day of the lease. Check out time is any time before 11am on the last day.
Cancellation policy : We must be notified 90 days prior to stay for a 94% refund. Notify renter or Advertising Agency of Cancellation 90
days prior to stay  or refund will be forfeited .

RENT: The rent shall be current amount . Of this amount, 100% is due at the time this agreement is Accepted.  The key to the property to be left
on cottage counter for the Lessee.

UTILITIES & OTHER CHARGES: The Lessor shall pay for all utilities otherwise specified

MAINTENANCE & REPAIR: By accepting possession of the property, Lessee acknowledge that the property is in good order, condition and
repair, and         shall generally maintain and clean property during the term of the lease. The Lessee shall return property to Lessor in the same
condition as received and swept clean. All garbage should be removed from the property on the day of departure.

laundry: Laundry shall be taken care of by Lessee.

Smoking: No smoking is allowed inside of the cottage.

PETS: Pets are allowed during the term of this lease. However, all dogs shall remaking in Lessee's control while outside.

SUBLET OR ASSIGNMENT: Assignment of lease is not permissible

INSURANCE: Lesses is encouraged to protect lessee's own property with lessee's own insurance policy. Lessee shall indemnify and hold Lessor
harmless from all damages to any person or property occurring in, on or about the premises resulting from the acts or omissions of the Lessor or it's

RESTRICTIONS ON USE: Lessee shall use the premises for vacation only.

TELEPHONE: Lessee may make on Island calls. Long distance calls will require a calling card.

DISTURBANCES AND NUISANCES: Lessee agrees not to make or permit any disturbing noises and not to commit or permit any nuisance,
which would                   unreasonably interfere with the rights of others.